2018 Wedding Trends

With a Royal Wedding approaching, there's no question that UK brides are in good company this year; just weeks after the announcement of Meghan Markle's engagement to Prince Harry, we are already noticing new trends emerging here at Lily Houston Design with Tiaras becoming a hot favourite among our brides!

Of course there is a lot more to planning a wedding than your hair accessories (however important they are!); here are our top picks for wedding trends in 2018.

Sumptuous Surroundings

Over the past few years, couple have been opting for more industrial, quirky venues such as boutique hotels, old warehouses, and roof terraces. Whilst the unique and quirky element is here to stay, we are seeing a move back towards more traditional settings, such as elegant stately homes, ancient country pubs, or even regal town halls! The industrial vibe of recent years has been replaced by a cosier, grander feeling (think libraries with floor to ceiling bookshelves, feature staircases or marble lined ballrooms), with the modern twist brought through clever styling and décor.


The décor and accents themselves will see more of an evolution than a departure from 2017's styles, with copper and rose gold still featuring heavily, but moving towards delicate geometric accessories such as candle holders and photo frames. 2018 will also see room for other metallics, with pewter, silver and gold becoming increasingly popular once more (not least because they just look so good with navy and pinks, two of this year's most popular hues!) We will also see more and more use of metallics on invites, R.S.V.P.s and place settings, a gorgeous growing trend!


Fresh Colours

As well as pink and navy, green is back and bigger than ever! From jewel bright glassware, to sage and sea-foam bridesmaid dresses, green is a perfect way to inject that fresh, spring feeling into your Big Day. Even centrepieces are turning green, with an increasing number of couples opting for foliage alone rather than floral displays, allowing flexibility of size, shape and -importantly - height, with foliage wreaths centre-stage for 2018. 


Green also makes for stunning bridal accessories. The 'Mia' bag by Rachel Simpson perfectly complements the 'Mimosa' T-Bar shoes!  

The Main Event

Recent years have seen a huge surge in relaxed wedding dress styles with a very romantic feel, and 2018 dresses won't stray too far from this trend. The major difference will be that we will see a more 'structured boho' shape, evoking ballerinas and bringing elegant clean lines a little more into the mix, often combining a structured bodice with a flowing or tulle skirt.    

Once more texture is important and lace is going to be a huge trend once again, however (perhaps thanks to Pippa Middleton) 2018 will see more brilliant white than antique or ivory lace. Another trend inspired by the Middletons and exacerbated by the upcoming nuptials of Meghan and Harry is to err on the side of traditional, but with a modern edge. High necked bodices and full skirts are proving hugely popular once more, with hints of colour or details like daringly low-cut backs or thigh-high slits giving that modern edge. This elegant, Royalty inspired idea is transcending the wedding industry this year, and can be seen even more so in hair and beauty trends.  

Hair and make up

2018 brides are opting more for structured up-dos once more, with classic styles like buns, pleats, twists, and rolls dominating bridal style this season. To keep the looks contemporary, brides are adding volume and texture to formerly sleek styles, as well as plaits and fishtails for more unique looks. 

Make up is also taking a more classic approach, with brides opting for natural, subtle, and stripped back faces for 2018. Dewy skin is a key look, so good skincare is just as important as a good make up artist this year! Think contemporary-classic for 2018 hair and make up looks, but if you like things a little bolder, don't be afraid to add a vintage red lip!

 The Finishing Touches

2018 is the year of the Tiara. The combination of a glamourous Hollywood star marrying into the British Royal Family makes for a spectacular occasion, and who wouldn't want to emulate that feeling of grandeur? After all, it worked for Grace Kelly! But Royal Wedding aside, Tiaras have come a long way from their crown-like beginnings; with such a huge variety of styles available, we truly believe that there is a Tiara perfect for every Bride! We absolutely adore Tiaras (you can read more about why, as well as getting inspiration for how to wear them, here) and are super excited to see more of them among our 2018 brides!

(From L:R)

Adelle Crystal Tiara, Seville Gold Crystal & Pearl Tiara, Nightingale Vintage Style Crystal Tiara, Bailey Gold, Pearl & Crystal Tiara. All Ivory & Co.


 Bridal jewellery for 2018 will also see a nod to more traditional, regal looks, with crystals and statement necklaces featuring heavily. Dramatic matching sets are the perfect finishing touch for simpler gowns, while more detailed dresses work best with a statement cuff or pair of drop earrings.



From L:R

Sorbonne Earrings, Starry Night Necklace and Earrings (Bracelet also available),St Moritz Cuff, True Love Necklace and Earrings (Bracelet also available). All Ivory & Co.


However you choose to style your Big Day, make it one that suits you and your partner perfectly, and - most importantly of all - enjoy it!

Love, Lily x

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