Review: White Gallery & London Bridal Week 2018 - Top Picks for 2019 Brides & Grooms

The White Gallery is always one of our favourite weekends, and this year they have joined forces with London Bridal Week to create a huge show, full of emerging wedding trends!

As ever, the show was fabulous, with such an amazing atmosphere, and everybody super excited to see what the new trends for 2019 would be. We had such a gorgeous time, catching up with our designers, meeting some lovely new people, and learning loads about upcoming trends. So, for all of our 2019 brides, here are the top things that Lily Houston Design learned:

1. Pink is in!

We've been suspecting it for a while now, with Rose Gold ever more popular, and we even wrote a very recent blog about using pink in your Big Day, but it is now official! Whether you opt for a pink dress, pink beading, or pink accessories, the choice is endless. Our wonderful designer Miranda Templeton has a whole range of pink beaded hair accessories, for subtle palettes to intense colours, and we are very excited to have them live already!

Our bag designer, Rachel Simpson, has also released a beautiful powder pink bag which is just perfect in real life! (If you love the Coco range then we have some exciting news coming in the next few weeks too!)

Dresses are truly embracing pinks too, and we saw everything from the subtlest blush underskirt to embroidered rose gowns.

image of pink hair accessories and clutch bag lily houston design

You can shop our new Blush and Pink Hair Accessories Collection here, and the Coco Powder Pink Clutch Bag here.

2. Rose Gold is here to stay

As an extension of the pink trend, Rose Gold and blush metallic are still huge too! Ivory & Co. have released a load more rose gold jewellery, and Miranda Templeton has now too as a mainstay for her 2019 collection! It was so lovely to see them in real life and see the subtlety of colours available, from softest blush tones to almost copper. Such a modern and fun way to use pink in your Bridal look!  

lily houston design image of rose gold bridal accessories shoe clips hair clip clutch bag and hair vines

You can shop all things Rose Gold here!


3. Belts make a statement

Bridal belts have always been popular as a fabulous way to customise your dress and make it your own, but we've seen a real shift towards statement belts this season. Miranda Templeton in particular has shifted away from the traditional decal-on-ribbon style and towards truly unique designs. Delicate filigree and gold and crystal statement belts are just some of our favourites for 2019!

lily houston design image of bridal belts for 2018.19 season

Shop our full belt collection, including new arrivals, here!


4. Men's accessories are getting more personality

Like with belts for brides, we've seen loads more personality injected into menswear in recent years, with designers like our menswear supplier Knightsbridge Neckwear making ranges of the same design to allow grooms' parties to express their personality. Rather than going matchy-matchy, there is room for a mix of ties and bow ties, and now, increasingly, we are seeing complementary fabrics and designs too.

lily houston design picture of mens ties for grooms and groomsmen

Shop Knightsbridge Neckwear ties here! 

What are your favourite wedding trends? Will you be using any of these ideas in you 2018/19 weddings? Let us know in the comments below - we love to hear from you!


Love, Lily x

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