The Stylish Groom

Choosing a groom's wedding day outfit is totally different than a choosing a wedding dress; for one, tradition dictates that brides wear a white formal gown (something most brides are unlikely to have shopped for before!), whilst for grooms traditional attire is a suit, something that the vast majority of grooms to be will have worn before, perhaps even every day for work, or to other formal occasions and weddings. With this in mind, the question is: how can you make a groom's outfit feel as special and show stopping to him as a bride's dress does to her? Luckily, for the modern groom, there have never been so many different options for wedding day style. 

As a groom, the key is to make your look personal, comfortable and to emphasise your own style. If you've spent the last decade donning a suit Monday to Friday and just can't wait to take it off each night, choose something different which won't remind you of the office! Explore patterns and different fabrics - tweed ticks both boxes and will certainly give you a stand out look for your big day.

Long gone are the days of compulsory morning suits and top hats - in fact, grooms and groomsmen don't even need to match any more! Whether you choose to pair a bold jacket with a subtle trouser, or opt for a different colour for yourself to your groomsmen, keeping a loose theme is all you need to create a standout look for the big day.


If you want to keep things more traditional, but still put your own stamp on your look, accessories are key! With everything from customised shoes to family tartans, accessories can be made as personal as you like.

Choose silk flower lapel pins in place of boutonnieres and coordinate them with your flowers, or bridesmaid dresses. This works especially well if the bridesmaids are wearing different coloured dresses: keep your pin white for your bride and then match a groomsman to each maid.


For ties, bow ties and pocket squares, a mix'n'match approach works particularly well; pick a fabric, pattern, or colour and play with different pieces.  

Cufflinks are also a great way to express your personality and individuality amongst yourself and your groomsmen, and they make perfect thank you gifts too. Whether you want to go down the personalised, engraved route, or choose something eye catching to mix and match with your groomsmen, cufflinks make a fabulous addition to any stylish grooms' outfit.

Not forgetting the most important accessory of all - shoes! Expressing yourself through your footwear has become vey popular amongst grooms, with everything from monogrammed slippers to personalised, handcrafted loafers ensuring you're every inch the stylish groom. For a truly unique shoe, check out Undandy, an online UK retailer who allow you to design every single detail of your shoe, right down to the stitching.   


Whatever you choose to wear on your Big Day, bring your personality into the mix and you'll be sure to be every inch the Stylish Groom!


Love, Lily x





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