Top Tips: How to whizz through your official photo shoot and enjoy the party!

We've all been guests at that wedding. You know, the one where the wedding party disappears with the photographer for over an hour, and the drinks reception feels just a little flat. And we've all been guests at the other kind too, where you barely even notice they are gone, and you get to celebrate together and toast the newlyweds. If you could, you'd probably choose the latter for your own wedding, right?

For a lot of couples, the professional photos are super important, and with large wedding parties (5+ bridesmaids/groomsmen and a big family) it will definitely take a while! For others, it can be as quick as a few group shots and back to the party. However you want to conduct your photo shoot on your Big Day is completely up to you, but here are Lily Houston Designs top tips for making the experience as enjoyable as possible for both you and your guests!

Provide entertainment at the drinks reception

If you are far from camera shy, and you know there will be a long, Pinterest inspired shoot, think about the guests who aren't in your wedding party. For those who will be waiting at the venue for your return, give them something to do. This can be as simple as having your guest book available so people can write you lovely notes, or perhaps consider a sleight-of-hand magician, or a mix your own cocktail station. Summer weddings can even have hilarious games like foot golf or classics like boules!  Something to keep your guests entertained while they wait will certainly keep the mood elevated and everybody will be ready to party when you arrive!

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Use the whole day

For bridal parties especially, the photographer will usually be with you while you're getting ready to capture the magic of your morning. If time allows, take some of your bridal party shots before the ceremony. That way, you can cut down the amount of time you spend away from your guests post ceremony (and have enough time for everybody to get shots on their good side!)

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Communication is key!

If you need your bridesmaids and groomsmen in a certain place, at a certain time, make sure they know! There is nothing that can hold a shoot up more than a missing person, and if they are sipping on a glass of champagne when they should be at the other side of the venue, it is going to hold you up!

Similarly, if you're planning a whole group shot, make sure that the photographer, guests, wedding co-coordinators and even bar tenders are aware that they need to send people to specific place at a specific time so nobody misses out.

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Do your homework

Wedding photographers have signature styles, and whilst they are all very talented and flexible, it is always best to know that they are the appropriate choice for your tastes. If you're planning a classic, romantic wedding, opt for a photographer who specialises in fairy tales. If you're more edgy or quirky, there are photographers to suit you too! Almost all are willing to travel, so use Instagram to source your favourites based on their previous work. The more compatible you are, the easier, quicker, and more fun everything will be!

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Don't get drunk!

Photographers always say that a tipsy bridesmaid or bumbling best man is the single most time consuming part of their day! Plus, if anybody is a little worse for wear, you will see it in the pictures - not ideal! A glass or two of fizz is fine, but make sure everybody is at their best!

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So whether you want thousands of photos or just a few, now everbody will have the best possible time (and your guests will barely notice you're gone!)

Love, Lily x

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