Tiaras: Bridal looks fit for a Queen

Tiaras have long been established as one of the more traditional choices for a bridal headpiece, with celebrities and royals alike favouring them through the ages. Traditionally ornate and bejewelled, bridal tiaras now come in such a range of shape, sizes, and styles that any bride can channel their inner Queen for the day!

Modern or Traditional?

When you think of tiaras, first thoughts are often of traditional, coronet style tiaras (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's or Princess Diana's wedding look), and there is certainly still a place for classic styles within modern weddings. Showstopping crowns are perfectly at home in vaulted ceiling churches and manor houses alike, giving a nod to the heritage of such historical settings, and reminding the world that you are a queen for the day!

Both Princess and Ballgown style dresses come alive with a more structured, crown-like tiara, and dramatic veils finish the look magnificently; whether Cathedral lenth or crystal adorned, you are sure to make a statement.

Traditional does not mean old fashioned, and contemporary twists on classic and vintage looks give you the perfect opportunity to bring your personality and style into your tiara, as well as allowing you to create your own heirloom to hand down through the generations!

Classic styles (Clockwise from top): 'Charlotte' - an intricate and glittering princess style coronet; 'Seville' - an injection of soft gold for a warner tone and modern twist on a very traditional style; 'Harlow' - a more structured, crown-like tiara, emulating the Duchess of Cambridge's bridal look; 'Hepburn' - inspired by old Hollywood royalty, this tiara is ultra-feminine for classic bridal looks.


In recent years, tiaras have begun to break away from the traditional crown like shape somewhat, experimenting with both delicate, romantic, and ethereal styles, and bold, statement pieces. Whether embracing the traditional dramatic jewels, or a softer, more pearlescent finish, the modern tiara still encompasses the all-important essence of royalty.

As with more traditional styles, modern tiaras can be chosen to match the venue, the dress, the season, or your personality. Big, bold, and sparkly tiaras are the perfect accompaniment for winter weddings, stately homes, and big dresses. Or make a statement in a simple fitted gown and choose drama in your accessories with a piece like 'Shannon' for true wow factor! Woodland and countryside weddings are perfectly complemented by the almost elven leaves crafted from pearls and enamel that adorn tiaras, evoking fairytale romance.

Modern looks (clockwise from top): Shannon - a bold, glittering showstopper; Rhapsody - a feminine yet striking nature inspired band, perfect for a woodland weddingDemetria - a unique shape creates a stunning spray of intricate sparkling flowers; Erica - fit for royalty, this delicate band creates a subtle yet regal look;Jacinta - warm gold tones and soft pearl leaves make for a soft, ethereal vibe, adorned with delicate sparkle for a perfect bridal look.  

A tiara is for life...

Tiaras aren't just for weddings, with the fashion industry frequently reinventing the royal accessory, from chunky, grunge looks reminiscent of Courtney Love in the '90s, to glamourous styles fit for an actual Princess. Celebrities are also favouring tiaras for red carpet events once more, with splashes of colour creating elegant drama. If you want to feel like royalty for a day then what's stopping you? After all, if it's good enough for Beyoncé...


Whether you choose modern or traditional, dainty or decadent, enjoy being the queen that you are for the day!

Love, Lily x




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