Wedding Tips: The Top Ten Bridesmaids Gifts

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, and your bride tribe is almost certainly going to dedicate a lot of time to helping you plan it all, so how do you thank them for all of their hard work? Here are Lily Houston Design's top ten ways to say 'Thank You' to your VIP ladies.

1. The Dresses

Bridesmaids dresses come in a whole host of styles these days, and a great idea for a more casual wedding is to choose dresses that your 'maids love and could wear again! (Of course, if they're all in the same friendship group it's a good idea to check with the group chat before wearing it on a night out...)

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2. Jewellery

Jewellery as a gift serves two purposes: firstly, it is a genuinely lovely gift that your ladies can wear time and again and remember your wedding day fondly; secondly, it is a great way to have your bridesmaids match, if you are so inclined! Whether you opt for earrings, bracelets (infinity bracelets are particularly sentimental), necklaces, or a full set, these pieces will make your 'maids smile every time they wear them and remember your Big Day.

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3. Monogram or engrave something special

There are so many options for personalised keepsakes, from wine glasses to notepads, and it's such a gorgeous way to thank your bridesmaids, and Etsy is brimming with thousands of ideas and styles! At Lily Houston Design HQ we adore a monogrammed clutch, and these stunning bags from Lullas Boutique are some of our favourites!



4. A stiff drink

If your bridesmaids love a tipple, a really nice idea is to create them a hamper of all of their favourite things. Choose miniatures of local gins, or a half bottle of the fizz you served with your toasts, whatever your ladies are into, pop it in a lovely presentation box for them to enjoy once they're off wedding duties! (Bonus: they might even let you help them enjoy it!)

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5. A pamper session

Nothing says relaxation like a spa day or weekend. A really lovely way to say thank you, once all of the festivities and honeymooning has calmed down, is to treat your ladies to a day at the spa (or even a weekend!) It's the perfect way to relive those amazing memories, without any of the pressures of planning!



6. Photos from the day

One your professional photos come through, find the absolute best picture of you and your ladies, either individually or as a group if you're all super close, and get it framed for each of them. You can choose classic styles, something engraved, or even a quirkier 'thank you for being my bridesmaid' style frame! Again, head to Etsy for hundreds of choices. We love this simple style from SecretDesignsUK.



7. A getaway post-honeymoon for all of the wedding party

If your bridal party and groomsmen got on like a house on fire, why not relive the fun and all go away together a few months after the wedding. Whether you choose a UK getaway for a night, or a week away in the sun, keep the party alive with all of your favourite people (and their partners too for an even bigger gang!)

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8. Let them give a speech

This will divide people, as for some ladies the idea of giving a wedding speech is their worst nightmare. But if your bridesmaids thrive on the theatricality of being centre-stage, hand them the microphone and let them give a speech to rival the Best Man's. Bonus tip - you may want to stock up on extra tissues for this one.

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9. Indulge your adrenaline junkie friends

One of our lovely brides recently told us that three months after their wedding, she's taking her bridesmaids to jump out of a plane. Yes, really. They've all spoken about doing a sky dive or a bungee jump for years and it has never happened, so that is what she's organised as their thank you gift! As a bonus, they all get to raise money for their favourite charities too!

There are loads of options if a bit of a thrill floats your boat, from car racing experience days to white water rafting, and bungee jumping to extreme zip lines. Whatever you choose, you can guarantee you'll make life long memories and have a giggle!

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10. PJs or a Kimono for getting ready the morning of the Big Day

We have all seen and coveted the gorgeous shots of brides and bridesmaids in matching PJs and robes getting ready, so why not treat your ladies to gorgeous pyjamas they can wear time and again. 

We love these stunning floral sets from B by Ted Baker, super Instagrammable and the styles can be mixed and matched to suit your ladies' taste!


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Nobody knows your bridesmaids better than you, and we would love to hear some of your ideas, or the best bridesmaid gift you ever received - let us know in the comments below!

Love, Lily x

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