Miranda Templeton

Renowned throughout the bridal industry for originality of design and exceptional attention to detail, each Miranda Templeton piece is created by hand in the UK using exquisite materials sourced from around the world.

The Miranda Templeton brand is a partnership between accessories designer Melanie Metcalfe and bridal agent Tony Bromilow. Melanie originally trained as a textile designer, moving into accessories in 2001 which naturally led into the bridal industry. It was here that she met Tony and several years later, Tony was looking for an innovative, high quality bridal accessories brand to join his portfolio. Frustrated by the generic and mass marketed products he encountered, Tony approached Melanie with the idea of a collaboration and Miranda Templeton was born.

Every single Miranda Templeton item is crafted with meticulous attention to detail at the studios in Lancashire and incredible emphasis is placed upon sourcing high quality materials. Miranda Templeton offer something for every bride and whatever you choose you are assured of gorgeous handmade accessories for your special day.

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